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    Angel Over Me Review

    7:03 PM April 18, 2014

    Daniel Rodriguez is a former alumnus of Cal State Los Angeles and has recently published “Angels Over Me”, a memoir focused on the harsh tribulations one man goes through to fully achieve his educational prospect. The narrative digs deep into the telling of the realities of life when faced with powerful seductions from drugs, alcohol, and crime. Full story

    Talk Dirty To Me: Sexting

    6:40 PM April 18, 2014

    Sexting, it seems as if everyone is doing it now a days. What is sexting though? Sexting consists of explicit pictures or explicit language being sent primarily through mobile phones. It all starts as an innocent conversation and eventually it ends up with “Send me a naughty picture” or revealing your sexual fantasies through a text. Full story

    The Alchemist

    0:00 AM April 16, 2014

    There might come a time where you are forced to make a decision you are not yet ready to make, either following your dreams or straying away. For some of us, chasing our dreams may mean making many sacrifices. You have the choice of doing that, or, you can play it safe and plan towards a lucrative career path. Full story

    The Fault In Our Stars Movie Prep

    6:30 PM April 16, 2014

    Coming to theaters in just a little over a month is a movie adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars, a  #1 New York Times bestseller by John Green. The film is guaranteed to be a tearjerker was produced by 20th Century Fox and directed by Josh Boone, who officially released the trailer earlier this year. Full story

    Healthy Living, Not A Diet

    6:22 PM April 16, 2014

    Spring time: the time of the year when we see the flowers blossoming and the sun peaking through the leaves. Scratch that, spring time of the year when we look in the mirror and feel fat. Spring is a reminder that summer is coming and therefore our fat must be going. Full story


    Dating Relationships

    0:00 AM April 16, 2014

    Whether you’re dating or in a relationship, do you wonder what a healthy relationship looks like, or whether you’re stuck in an unhealthy or abusive relationship? Young adults, especially in college, are often unaware of the dangers of abusive relationships and what the warning signs are. Full story


    Millennials, Gold FIsh, and King Kong

    0:00 AM April 14, 2014

    In order to understand people, you have to understand where people come from. The controversial name “Millennials” has been given to the population born after 1980, roughly the ages of 18 and 33. Politically, 50% of Millennials identify themselves as democrats. Full story


    Unpaid Internships, A Positive or A Negative?

    8:22 PM April 10, 2014

    When speaking to many fellow CSULA students, a common response to the question, “What’s new with you?” comes the news of an acquired internship. Sure, an internship can be a great way of advancing oneself on a chosen career path while attending classes in a student’s course of study. Full story


    Let’s Talk About Sex…

    3:52 PM April 10, 2014

    Everyone has their own opinion about sex and whether you love it, hate it, are or aren’t sexually active. This taboo topic has everyone talking. Sex continues to be a controversial topic, even in today’s outspoken society. One would assume that with all the racy music on the radio and all the racy shows on television, we would be more publicly open to talk about sex. Full story

    Captain America Sequel a Box Office Succes

    3:44 PM April 10, 2014

    After only three days in theaters, Captain America: The Winter Soldier broke the box office record as the biggest April opening. With no other major competitors opening the same day, the Marvel film brought in $96.2 million, making it the largest April film debut. Full story


    Tinder On!

    5:48 PM April 9, 2014

    Meeting new people can be a challenge, especially in the dating world. There are so many apps and websites that people use to find a significant other. There are dating websites like or eHarmony, which advertise serious online dating relationships. Full story

    Advice- Save that money: Accessory or Necessity

    5:37 PM April 9, 2014

    Loans!grants!scholarships!financial aid money! As college students, we have plenty of sources for income available to us and yet we are usually broke. That is probably because we are not always handling our money in the most beneficial ways. If you have any sense of self-control then you are extremely fortunate, but if you do not, consider some helpful tips that will hopefully improve your financial state. Full story

    Boomerang Generation

    5:37 PM April 9, 2014

    As we enter into the 2014 spring quarter students know that the academic year will soon be coming to an end.  For four years of our lives we have been focusing on nothing else but graduating. And for many of us at CSULA that day is rapidly approaching. Full story

    Beating Senioritis

    5:33 PM April 9, 2014

    The last quarter of the academic year has quickly fallen upon Cal State LA students. Summer is heading our way and the excitement of spending days on the beach instead of inside classrooms is beginning to rise across campus. This is especially true when the last academic quarter of the year rolls around and it might be the last quarter of your studies before earning your degree. Full story

    100 Happy Days

    5:32 PM April 9, 2014

    Classes, work, and balancing personal lives are stresses students face on a daily basis; it’s easy to succumb to the toll it takes on mental and physical health. Busy schedules can distract everyone from the things that make people happy; you don’t need to be a student to know that. Full story


    Blankets in CSULA? I Think Yes!

    0:00 AM April 4, 2014

    As everyone might have noticed, the LA area has been getting some pretty unusual weather lately. With all the sun, rain, winds, and earthquakes, it’s no wonder people are a little high strung. It’s only the beginning of the quarter but hopefully CSULA’s Golden Eagles aren’t too stressed. Full story

    Follow Through #2: Dim Sum in Chinatown!

    10:14 PM April 4, 2014

    Like our previous column entry for Follow Through, this column entry is about my turn to complete my endless Bucket List. This column entry also features Downtown Los Angeles with a little more history. Being a lover of food, I am always trying to find out new things to try and eat around the greater Los Angeles. Full story

    Follow Through #2: Dim Sum in Chinatown!

    10:14 PM April 4, 2014

    Like our previous column entry for Follow Through, this column entry is about my turn to complete my endless Bucket List. This column entry also features Downtown Los Angeles with a little more history. Being a lover of food, I am always trying to find out new things to try and eat around the greater Los Angeles. Full story


    Journalism 391 Class

    9:49 PM March 21, 2014

    Journalism 391 is tied to Cal State LA’s newspaper, “The University Times”. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be taking a journalism class, let alone contributing to the school’s newspaper. When I signed up for this class I really did not have an idea of what I would be doing. Full story

    Bridgetown DIY

    7:40 PM March 21, 2014

    Bridgetown DIY is a fairly new all-ages safe and sober space that opened last April, in 2013. The space is collectively run and is currently in the process of seeking non profit status in LA County. Since the DIY space opened its doors, there has been a multitude of events held, most of which are music performances and community-centered workshops and regular programming. Full story

    A New Season

    5:51 PM March 21, 2014

    Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing My Voice No Longer Quivers on campus. This was an emotional play, based on true stories of police brutality experienced by the cast and crew, or their family members. At first glance, the little theater in Music 101 looks too small to be the venue for which a viewer can take the performance experience seriously. Full story

    Play Review: My Voice No Longer Quivers

    3:08 PM March 21, 2014

    Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing My Voice No Longer Quivers on campus. This was an emotional play, based on true stories of police brutality experienced by the cast and crew, or their family members. At first glance, the little theater in Music 101 looks too small to be the venue for which a viewer can take the performance experience seriously. Full story

    Things to do in April

    2:44 PM March 21, 2014

    As of April 5th, the Dodgers will be back in town to play at the Dodger Stadium to compete against the San Francisco Giants. Are you afraid of missing out the first couple of games? Don’t hesitate to buy a ticket! Keep supporting our LA Dodgers and purchase your ticket for upcoming games! Do you like beer? Who doesn’t? The L. Full story

    League of Legends in CSULA: The Golden Eagle Legends

    2:41 PM March 21, 2014

    The gaming community in Cal State LA is vast and growing. Whether you are a diehard Xbox fan, a dedicated PlayStation fan, or even an old school Nintendo fan, the gaming community will only continue to expand. Some of the more hardcore gamers play console games on their PC for a better gaming experience. Full story


    Spring Into New Music

    0:00 AM March 14, 2014

    In the true Southern Californian style, our transition from Winter to Spring never fails to feel more like Winter then straight to Summer. With the new change of constant sun and lovely blue skies, our spirits are lifted and our music library’s “recently played” should change too. Full story


    San Antonio Winery

    0:00 AM March 10, 2014

    If you’re over 21 and interested in discovering the origin of Los Angeles’ wine making, The San Antonio Winery is for you. The winery offers complimentary wine tastings, and a free tour for patrons. Located in the heart of Los Angeles on 737 Lamar St, 90031, the winery has been in business for over 90 years. Full story

    Women's Herstory "It's My Body I Can Wear What I Want To"

    0:00 AM March 10, 2014

    Women’s Herstory Month is a series of three seminars discussing feminism. On Wednesday March 5th, I attended the “It’s My Body I Can Wear What I Want To” seminar at noon in the Student USU. This session had a dialogue about women and how they differed in perspectives. Full story


    Is California Broke?

    5:57 PM March 3, 2014

    The California State University system (CSU) is currently asking for a higher budget than what governor Jerry Brown is proposing. Chancellor Timothy White is asking for $95.4 million more as that would allow the CSU to serve the students most effectively. Full story

    Alex Godinez and The Film Industry

    0:00 AM February 25, 2014


    Alex Godinez, knows the hard work and determination it takes to break into the film industry. Director, producer and set designer,Godinez, 34, has done it all. Currently working on his music video directional debut, Godinezexplains how learning all avenues of the film industry is crucial in all aspects of film.  

    Full story

    Shifts Happens

    10:36 PM February 25, 2014

      Jewels Diamond Taylor, a life coach, motivator, and personal development expert held a student empowerment workshop with the objective of keeping students motived. Since my arrival during Fall 2013 quarter, the past few months have been overwhelming for me a transfer student. Full story


    Island Girl meets Los Angeles: The Life of a Non-commuter at CSULA

    8:35 PM February 24, 2014

    If you were to ask me what my life is like as a CSULA student, I would tell you that as a sophomore, I make my way to my classes through the crowded King Hall on a weekly basis. I attend club meetings. I wake up at six in the morning once a quarter to register for classes that I end up not getting anyways because they are always full. Full story

    Sarah Silverman and Friends at the Largo

    0:44 PM February 19, 2014

      On February 7, Sarah Silverman headlined an intimate set with other local comedians at Coronet at the Largo, music and comedy club located at 366 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles. The venue hosts an array of talent, from singer/songwriter, Andrew Bird, to a fundraiser hosted by Nick Offerman of Parks and Rec fame. Full story


    Need A Ride?

    0:05 PM February 17, 2014

    It’s the middle of the quarter. Endless weekends of studying and now midterms have arrived and ended just like that. Isn’t it about that time to go out on the town with some fabulous friends over drinks to celebrate - or maybe just to take a break from these stressful weeks? I think so. Full story


    If Martin L. King Jr. were on the Academic Senate

    0:00 AM February 10, 2014

    Carefully listening to the passionate speeches given by students, student representatives, community leaders, and faculty, I couldn’t help but recognize the continuous reference to Martin Luther King Jr. The comparisons of his acts to student protestors, his words being quoted, or some in some cases rephrased. Full story

    Black History Month and the Love Connection

    0:00 AM February 7, 2014

    As we recognize the power of love as well as the struggles of African Americans in the United States during the month of February, one may wonder what happens when uniting the two: Love and the struggle. Something beautiful, powerful, in some cases unexplainable, has derived from the African/African American couples throughout history. Full story

    “Face to Face with The Wall”

    0:00 AM February 6, 2014

    On Thursday January 30th ,“The Wall, A Musical Misdeed,” was presented at the State Theatre Playhouse based on a work by Satre titled, “The Wall.” This collaboration was between director (Tanya Kane-Perry), composer (John M. Kennedy) and librettist, (Alicia Tycer) who combined their talents to create a multi-layered piece. Full story


    "The Wall" Performance

    0:00 AM February 3, 2014

    At nightfall on January 30ththe Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance performed a new rendition of Jean-Paul Satre’s The Wall. Undoubtedly, Satre’s most prized work was his brilliant depiction of torture and punishment during the Spanish Civil War in a first-person narrative. Full story


    You Are A Tourist

    0:00 AM January 29, 2014

    What has been the most tourist-y thing you have done in this beautiful city we call Los Angeles? Was it spending a day at Disneyland? Taking the oh-so generic (but a must) picture in front of LACMA’s Urban Light installation? Or was it watching the sun set at the top of Griffith Observatory? Although these are all wonderful must-dos, have you ever stood within a hundred feet away from the infamous Hollywood Sign? Now it is possible to assume getting healthier was either a thought to be or is your 2014 new years resolution so, why not kill two birds with one stone? This year if you have not done so yet, grab a couple of friends and take a hike to the Hollywood sign! If you are worried about not being able to make this particular trek, you are in luck because it is not that difficult of a hike. Full story


    On Second Thought...Roomates

    6:43 PM January 22, 2014

      To the Students of Cal State LA, Are you dealing with an issue that seems unsolvable? Need advice from an outsider’s perspective? I’ll be here to lend an ear. As a sixth year TVF student and soon-to-be-graduate, I’ve experienced the full spectrum of what college life has to offer--I’ve been single and in long-term relationships, gone from many friends to a few worth keeping, traveled the city in every form of transportation, and lived at home, on-campus, in a studio, and a condo--all with people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles. Full story


    Guns Kill People And People Kill People

    Aaron Wilson

    0:00 AM January 21, 2014

      The statement “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is a true statement. It’s a poor reason to enforce the option however, of caring a firearm around with you and having the chance to use it whenever you find it necessary.  In a perfect, world guns would not exist and no one would own one, but because of the second amendment, it states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Full story


    Coachella For Everyone

    0:00 AM January 13, 2014

    When talking about music festivals (in the United States that is), it seems that one of the best known concerts and most anticipated each year, would be Coachella. Although taking a break in 2000, Coachella has been around since 1999 all the way to present day and it is the biggest music festival the state of California has to offer. Full story


    2014's Fabuous World of Entertainment

    0:00 AM January 8, 2014

    With a new year comes a whole set of new things to look forward to. From new releases to old favorites coming back with a twist, 2014 will definitely keep you on your toes. Regarding global events, we get the best of both world this winter and summer. Full story


    Road Trip Jams

    1:25 PM December 11, 2013

      Though most of students and faculty are constrained with the stress over finals, we cannot deny the fact that everyone has daydreamed a great deal of time envisioning the splendor of winter break. We desire to go back as living indolently, in our very own version of human hibernation. Full story


    Is the Customer Always Right?

    See what fellow Golden Eagles have to say...

    0:00 AM December 9, 2013

    If you’ve ever worked in retail or anything that deals with customer service, you probably know and constantly are drilled about that one set rule, “The customer is always right.” As an employee, your job is to always seek and cater to the customers. Full story


    Cyber Monday Tips and Tricks

    3:58 PM December 2, 2013

      Black Friday is over and done with, but you have not gotten your Holiday shopping done yet, you say? Cyber Monday is here to help! The Internet will be full of discounts and deals on anything from clothing to appliances. With all these great things on sale for a cheaper price, you might just forget about how dangerous Internet shopping can be. Full story


    Food for Thought This Thanksgiving

    7:38 PM November 25, 2013

    From the wise words of Charles Dickens, “Reflect upon your present blessings—of which every man has many—not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” As the year winds down once again, I find it impossible for myself to not reflect on everything that’s happened this past year whether they are the good or bad times. Full story


    Bike Racks Installed at CSULA

    0:00 AM November 18, 2013

      On the night of November 8, a wonderful sight was to be seen. Right next to the staircase and crosswalk between King Hall and Music Hall, Facilities workers were seen installing a bike rack! The rack itself isn’t very large, but it compliments the No Bikes symbol on the ground perfectly, promoting students to bike TO campus, but not to bike ON campus. Full story

    Spoiler Alert! Sex, Drugs, Violence and The Counselor

    Movie Review

    0:00 AM November 13, 2013

      The Counselor could not help but have impeccable acting and this is a no brainer, considering half of the cast have been Academy Award winning actors: Penelope Cruz, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, and Cameron Diaz. It was directed by Ridley Scott, the maker of Blade Runner, Prometheus, Kingdom of Heaven, Hannibal, and written by Cormac McCarthy, the same man behind No Country for Old Men. Full story


    Shaking Nerves: CSI Unplugged

    0:00 AM November 6, 2013

    The Campus Student Involvement (CSI) showcased last week a live intimate acoustic performance from CSULA’s Isabel Vasquez. The show was taken place last Tuesday the 29th at the Los Angeles room in the Student Union mid-afternoon. The setup was real intimate; the room was smaller than normal and had the lights dimmed to display the arrangement of lights around the stage. Full story


    The Alone Experience: Behind the Curtain

    4:35 PM October 28, 2013

    The week leading up to The Alone Experience was a massive buildup of mental consideration, then a few days before it began, I was sent a message from an e-mail named ‘yourealwaysalone’ with directions to the secret location and a message below, with its letters all ran together that said “youwillsoonbealone. Full story


    The Pre-Alone Experience: An Exploration of the Event

    0:00 AM October 23, 2013

        I have been to many Haunted Houses with masked people jumping out at you with scary costumes and bloodied plastic knives, and I love them. I love being genuinely scared because it is difficult for me to because I know it is fake. I am always the person on Halloween rigging up my own motion-sensor props to scare people and dressing up with the attempt of getting people to cringe away in fear. Full story


    Gravity: A Movie Like No Other

    4:06 PM October 21, 2013

      There is no way for me to do this review without providing way too many spoilers. And for this type of film, that is the last thing I want to do. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the very one who directed Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men, and Y Tu MamáTambién, this is probably his opus. Full story


    Obamacare: Don’t trust anyone over 60?

    5:52 PM October 15, 2013

    The Republicans’ obsession with Obamacare has been variously described as a tactical ploy to preserve the semblance of unity in a divided party or as a fundraising magnet to raise money from the sort of folks who think President Obama is a reincarnation of Lenin. Full story


    Whose tattoo is it anyway?

    9:09 PM October 10, 2013

    Who owns a tattoo? The obvious answer is the wearer, who paid for the ink and is now permanently (more or less) attached to it. Yet recent disputes have called into question the easy idea that if you buy a tattoo, you also own it and can display it as you like. Full story


    Poetic Injustice: An Analysis of the Government Shutdown

    0:00 AM October 7, 2013

      I was not sure if the Government Shutdown I was hearing about was like the Y2K, just news-hyped hyperbole? So I began asking what students around campus knew about it. Most people I talked to state that they didn’t know much, but a few people offered insights about the shutdown. Full story


    Congress teetering on the edge

    11:13 AM October 4, 2013

    It occurs to me that the scenario in D.C. is very much like an episode of “Breaking Bad.” First and foremost, we have the addicts, and their drug of choice is power. Be they liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, our representatives in Congress are overdosing on arrogance and hubris. Full story


    Government shutdown — a way out for the GOP

    11:25 AM October 3, 2013

    Last week, House Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, and his Republicans declared that they had two clear goals in this fall’s battle over federal spending: no government shutdown, and no implementation of Obamacare. As of Tuesday, the GOP had failed on both counts. Full story


    An Exploration into A.S.I. App/Gym Free App

    8:10 PM October 2, 2013

    A.S.I. App The official app from our CSULA A.S.I. is not the prettiest app out there, but it gets it job done and is a must have for CSULA students. If you didn’t already know, A.S.I. stands for Associated Students Inc. and they are our student government. Full story


    Dr. Zelman Health Insurance Education Project Interview

    8:02 PM October 2, 2013

    In January 2014, the nationwide mandate of the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” will come into effect and will require all Americans to have health insurance.  What many people are unaware of, you can actually begin enrolling for insurance starting in October and can purchase affordable insurance plans. Full story


    Unreasonable tea party demands drag nation into turmoil

    5:17 PM October 2, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the Kansas City Star on Wednesday, Oct. 2: ——— The government of the people of the United States is partly shut down because a faction of the Republican Party insists on tying further spending to the crippling of President Barack Obama’s health-care law. Full story


    Charmed by Rouhani, but only to a point

    0:10 PM September 30, 2013

    NEW YORK — How long does it take for a charm offensive to wear thin? By the end of a long week of glad-handing at the United Nations, even Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, was beginning to sound a little tired of his hazy talking points. “Global challenges require collective responses,” he told foreign policy pundits in a hotel ballroom on Thursday through an interpreter, his voice slightly hoarse after too many meetings and interviews. Full story


    Dr. Seuss goes to Washington

    11:03 AM September 27, 2013

    Sen. Ted Cruz has egg on his face. Green egg. On Tuesday, during his 21-hour marathon “filibuster” against Obamacare, he read aloud to his daughters back home the Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham.” But he clearly missed its message. In the Seuss tale, Sam-I-Am, a lover of green eggs and ham, tries to persuade a friend to try them. Full story


    Restaurant workers fighting for the vast underpaid majority

    4:19 PM September 19, 2013

    WASHINGTON — Walkouts and protests by fast-food workers demanding higher wages and collective bargaining rights began last November and spread to 60 cities nationwide at the end of August. It is an inspiring grass-roots movement led by some of the nation’s most underpaid employees, and should be supported by everyone who has a sense of fairness. Full story


    Five sweeping reforms needed to prevent another financial crash

    11:24 AM September 25, 2013

    Five years ago, the nation’s financial system unraveled due to recklessness on Wall Street and regulatory failure in Washington. The fallout from the financial crisis cost millions of Americans their jobs, homes and life savings, and resulted in deep and lasting damage to our nation’s economy. Full story


    Stop pumping farm animals full of antibiotics

    7:31 PM September 24, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the San Jose Mercury News on Monday, Sept. 23: ——— When historians look back on our time, one question they’re likely to ask is this: How could people have been so stupid as to cripple the lifesaving power of antibiotics by letting farmers pump cows, pigs and chickens full of them? It’s a clear case of putting profits before people’s lives, and if the FDA and Congress won’t act, California should show them how. Full story


    GOP’s misguided attack on food stamps

    1:43 PM September 20, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, Sept. 19: ——— Unable to push a $20-billion cut in food stamps through the House in June, Republicans are now seeking to cut $40 billion over 10 years by tightening eligibility and cutting off able-bodied adults who don’t find or train for jobs. Full story


    Restaurant workers fighting for the vast underpaid majority

    4:19 PM September 19, 2013

    WASHINGTON — Walkouts and protests by fast-food workers demanding higher wages and collective bargaining rights began last November and spread to 60 cities nationwide at the end of August. It is an inspiring grass-roots movement led by some of the nation’s most underpaid employees, and should be supported by everyone who has a sense of fairness. Full story


    Flying the less-friendly skies

    3:38 PM September 18, 2013

    Long ago — I’m talking in the 1960s — “stewardesses” were taught how to walk up stairs in heels and how to blow out a match after lighting a passenger’s cigarette. They were issued pillbox hats and little white gloves. Their glamour was a big part of the allure of airline travel. Full story


    A new rampage raises gun issues again

    6:20 PM September 17, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer on Wednesday, Sept. 18: ——— Another day in America and another mass shooting. This time, at least one gunman armed with three firearms killed 12 people and wounded others at the Washington Navy Yard. Full story


    In America, not isolationism but skepticism

    1:26 PM September 16, 2013

    President Obama and his aides were surprised this month by the strength of public opposition to their call for military action against Syria. They shouldn’t have been. Americans have almost always been reluctant to go to war. In 1939, polls showed that most Americans not only wanted to stay out of war against Nazi Germany, they weren’t even sure they wanted to send military aid to Britain — fearing, perhaps, a slippery slope. Full story


    Season of ideal BLT is brief, luscious, tasty

    5:32 PM September 13, 2013

    Is there anything more classically American than the perfect bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich? It’s salty, meaty, crispy with lettuce, rich with mayonnaise on thick toasted white bread. It’s salad and meat in one bite. And it’s the Chicago Tribune’s signature sandwich, since this newspaper gets some credit for helping popularize it in this country. Full story


    Health law’s ailments can be cured by single-payer system

    2:27 PM September 12, 2013

    With the Oct. 1 rollout of a major facet of the Affordable Care Act on the horizon, you’ll be hearing a lot about the glitches, loopholes and shortcomings of this most important restructuring of America’s healthcare system in our lifetimes. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: First, the vast majority of these issues result from one crucial compromise made in the drafting of the 2010 law, ostensibly to ease its passage through Congress. Full story


    The 9/11 attacks grow distant

    3:01 PM September 11, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, Sept. 11: ——— Twelve years ago, hijackers carried out the worst terrorist attack in American history. But 12 years is a long time for a busy, future-oriented society like ours, and the 9/11 anniversary is slowly taking on the faded aura of the historical past. Full story


    My Life, So Far

    8:07 PM September 10, 2013

      I am fortunate enough to return to my former job at the University Times newspaper. It’s where I began as a reporter in 1997 and ended up running the paper in 2001. I graduated with a B.A. in English. My wonderful English instructor, Dr. Carolyn McManus, held my hand, passed me tissues when I sobbed and continued to provide me common sense advice, even after I graduated. Full story


    Deliberation: Not just a civics lesson

    9:48 AM September 10, 2013

    As a student and, later, as a parent, my biggest worries at the beginning of every September rarely involved reading, writing or arithmetic. Rather, they had to do with non-academic issues that can make or break a school year: teasing, bullying and the Darwinian atmosphere that can be all too common on the playground or the classroom. Full story


    To strike, or not to strike, Syria?

    5:14 PM September 9, 2013

    After two weeks of furious debate about whether the United States should attack Syria, the arguments on both sides are now clear. Haven’t been paying attention? Still undecided? Here are the most cogent arguments for and against a military strike. First, the case for intervention. Full story


    School dress codes: Miniskirt madness

    1:44 PM September 6, 2013

    Hey kids, what are you going to wear to school today? A miniskirt? How short? “Sagging” pants: Is that kosher? What about a do-rag? Fishnet tights? Or hoodies, tattoos, sweat pants, frayed jeans, an Afro puff or, if you’re a boy, long locks? How about a breast-cancer-awareness bracelet featuring the word “boobies”? All of these are real examples of fashion choices that schools across the country have recently attempted to restrict. Full story


    Obama plan to control college costs needs work

    2:22 PM September 5, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the San Jose Mercury News on Tuesday, Sept. 3: ——— Californians know all too well how college costs have skyrocketed in recent years: Tuition at the two state university systems has nearly doubled since 2006. At the current average rate of growth, Stanford will cost more than $100,000 a year by the time a child born today turns 18. Full story


    An ‘automatic gratuity’ is not a tip

    11:59 AM September 4, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, Sept. 3: ——— “Automatic gratuity.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? We’re talking about the 18 percent (or more) that many restaurants tack on to the bill for large dining parties, usually six people or more. Full story


    Obama’s strange strategy on Syria

    10:09 AM September 3, 2013

    If President Obama ever does get around to targeting Syria, with congressional approval, it will be the strangest U.S. military strike in recent memory. The administration has made a convincing case that the Syrian regime gassed 1,400 of its own people to death last month, including 426 children. Full story


    What good is access to the highway if you have no money to take a vacation?

    2:35 PM August 29, 2013

    Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, given 50 summers ago, was his greatest address but far from his only one. We often overlook the fact that Dr. King talked about economic injustice as often as he spoke of social injustice. As we celebrate Labor Day and the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, we should consider the message in another speech Dr. Full story


    A game of teenage violence and insanity

    11:35 AM August 28, 2013

    The reader’s comment read: “And people on MSNBC and liberal media wonder why many white people have a fear of the black community. An Australian murdered in Oklahoma. A baby in a stroller shot and killed in Georgia. A male nurse in Memphis, Tenn., murdered by three blacks. Full story


    King may have dreamed, but he took nothing for granted

    5:24 PM August 27, 2013

    The hard-boiled realist who wrote that “few members of the oppressor race can understand the … passionate yearnings of the oppressed race” must have scoffed at the dreamer who divined the day when black and white children would join hands as brothers and sisters. Full story


    President, states should look to Oregon for creative college funding ideas

    0:28 PM August 26, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Monday, Aug. 26: ——— President Barack Obama’s carrot-and stick-approach to making higher education more affordable is a good idea, but it does not address the most significant problem — the precipitous decline in state funding. Full story


    He marched with Dr. King — carrying a medical bag

    5:05 PM August 23, 2013

    WASHINGTON — Most of us remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermonic rap — the “I Have a Dream” speech of 1963. The setting was the March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial that August. However, we should be aware that Washington wasn’t Dr. King’s only marquee march. Full story


    Who will make it this season?

    9:14 PM August 22, 2013

      Summer is nearly over and pretty soon everybody can stop being bored. Our favorite television shows will be coming back for the Fall 2013-2014 television season. Along with veteran shows coming back are the newbie’s, who will have to try hard to stand there ground. Full story


    The Elmore Leonard Lectures (condensed)

    3:07 PM August 22, 2013

    On the cabinet next to my desk is a quotation from Elmore Leonard’s “The Hot Kid.” Leonard’s hero, a U.S. marshal, is talking about a guy named Nestor Lott, a revenue agent gone bad. The marshal says, “Nestor — Nestor was spooky. He was so serious about being stupid. Full story


    College: It’s not just ‘Made in the U.S.A.’

    0:00 AM August 21, 2013

    For many college students, the semester abroad has become a rite of passage. But while many Americans study abroad for a semester or two, it is a rarity for high schoolers to apply outside the United States for their bachelor’s degree. As many California universities hope to attract foreign students, who pay higher tuition, it’s worth asking whether U. Full story


    Obama can help millions by executive order

    7:28 PM August 20, 2013

    As the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom approaches, we are reminded how far we have come on issues of racial and social injustice but also how much farther we have to go. When A. Phillip Randolph organized and planned the 1963 march, he aimed to address issues of racial inequality that plagued our country, and he looked to Washington as the key to changing this country forever. Full story


    My College Diary

    0:53 PM August 19, 2013

    College is a pursuit of happiness. Pursuing knowledge, understanding, and self discovery. You learn not only general education, your specific field, what professors to take, or just how to find the perfect seat. You learn what friendships are, what relationships are, what independence is, and the purpose of all of this. Full story


    Climate policy’s twin challenges

    0:22 PM August 19, 2013

    Climate change presents two distinct problems. The first is linear: A little more warming causes a little more damage. The second is nonlinear: A little more warming pushes some part of the climate system past a tipping point and the damage becomes catastrophic. Full story


    No winners in Egypt’s chaotic violence

    0:00 AM August 16, 2013

    It’s nothing short of heartbreaking to remember those heady moments of early 2011, when hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Egyptians converged on Tahrir Square and stunned even themselves by ending a three-decade-old dictatorship. Gone are the illusions of unity and brotherhood. Full story


    Animals to Hollywood: Get it right

    3:06 PM August 15, 2013

    You may have heard of the Bechdel test. The idea, articulated in a cartoon drawn by Alison Bechdel, is that a movie isn’t worth watching if it doesn’t have (1) at least two female characters; (2) who talk to each other; and (3) about something other than men. Full story


    Right call on Amber Alert

    0:27 PM August 14, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, Aug. 13: ——— Last week, over the course of several days, millions of cellphones across the Western United States buzzed like fire alarms — loudly and, to some, annoyingly — as authorities sent out an Amber Alert that appeared as a text requesting everyone to be on the lookout for a blue Nissan Versa from southeastern San Diego County. Full story


    Elysium Takes Over The Box Office Bringing In 30.5 Million

    10:01 AM August 13, 2013

    This weekend, Matt Damon not only took over a super society in space but he also beat out ‘We Are The Millers’, ‘Planes’, and ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ as ‘Elysium’ came out on top at the box office. The film directed by Niell Blomkamp, also of ‘District 9’ notoriety, brought in $30. Full story


    Expect many more unsettling alerts

    0:00 PM August 9, 2013

    The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, Aug. 7: ——— A full generation of Americans has come of age since the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union late in 1991. Those who lived that nearly half-century of tensions, with its threats of mutual nuclear destruction, tend to mistakenly recall a tidy geography: The West, chiefly the U. Full story


    With a change in directors, ‘Percy Jackson’ sequel promises to hew closer to the book

    3:32 PM August 8, 2013

    When “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” came out in 2010, it was met with angry fans and disappointed critics. Moviegoers were upset that the story veered from the bestselling novel by author Rick Riordan, and critics deemed the Christopher Columbus-directed film a “Harry Potter” knock-off. Full story


    Ballin’ On a Budget

    11:07 AM August 8, 2013

    Do you ever feel like you can’t go out because your bank account won’t allow it? The girls won’t go out with you because you are too broke? With tuition and fees, plus your books and all other expenses, it is hard for anyone to save money nowadays. Worrying about taking someone on a hot date is a constant problem! Here are a few tips that will help you go out on a few more dates with that special someone without your date ever suspecting that you’re trying to save a few dollars. Full story


    My melanoma, my message

    0:00 AM August 7, 2013

    As a surgical oncologist, I’m usually the one delivering the bad news. But this time I was the recipient. Nine days earlier, my dermatologist had taken a biopsy from a small pink dot on my back, and now the results were available. It was, he told me, malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Full story